Wednesday, June 08, 2005

In the News today:

1) Ronald Macdonald gets a make over, apparently he is now "super fit healthy eating guy" um... whatever.

2) Google stock surpasses Time Warner for media stock market value. Wow, Google is now officially an empire. Most of Google's success is said to be based on the revenues from the web page advertisements. This means Congratulations Bloggers! Lets give ourselves a pat on the back for our part in helping google achieve world domination (Nigel, ya wanna switch to typepad? heh heh)

3) And for those of you interested in American politics: John Kerry is reported to have gotten D's at Yale, which makes him possibly a worse student than the current Prez. What does this tell us: You do not have to be good grades to be a good leader (or a bad leader). What your mom told you is wrong: you can be president even if you don't do your homework.

So the moral of the news today is: Eat Healthy food (be like Ronald McDonald) and play on the computer instead of doing your homework because then you will make billions of dollars, and maybe even be president one day.


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