Friday, May 27, 2005

Thank You Rosa

Rosa Say has reviewed Renaissance Girl on Talking Story!!!!!!!!!

In order for some of my readers to understand how I feel about this let me draw up a comparison. Say I make a movie (could still happen) and it's just a little film for me which I don't really expect to have seen by anyone. Little by little, people start watching my film, but I still think "this is nice, but there aren't that many people seeing my film - no big deal." Then one day, I open the pages of Entertainment Weekly and I see that one of the important film critics, whose opinion I respect and read regularily has given me a glowing review.

This is the business blog equivalent of THAT.

And I am overwhelmed.

THANK YOU ROSA, for making me part of an amazing community of smart and talented people.

Thank you for the incredible review. You have inspired me to become a better writer, and a better person, and that is what the best coaches do.


Blogger Rosa Say said...

You are very welcome Jay.

My goodness, you have certainly given me a gift with this thank you note of yours; wow. It's just another sample of the writing you do that I was talking about in my review.

Dear Readers of Renaissance Girl,
Jay was too humble to offer you a specific link here to my review (versus my home page), so that you can easily find and read it after it slips into the Talking Story archives: allow me to help you.

When you click in to my home page, add /2005/05/a_may_lei_for_r.html
at the end of the url in your browser to find the review.
Aloha, a hui hou, Rosa

1:05 PM  

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