Thursday, May 12, 2005

My May Aloha

As part of our Ho'ohana online community, Rosa has asked me to send a lei of Aloha out to fellow bloggers in the community with a review (another grea Rosa!) I have been given the immense pleasure of reviewing Scott Hodge.

I knew that this exercise was going to be a good one when I readScott's byline. Anyone who writes about "life, leadership and lattes" is definitely a person after my own heart. Upon reading more of Scott's blog, what really struck me was his tremendous enthusiasm. No matter what he is reviewing: A new CD, a book he's reading or even web-based teleconferencing, he brings an infectious joy to his writing. The web based meeting post is a particular favorite. Who knew meetings could be so exciting?

One of his more recent posts about his passion for leadership called "Inspiring Others" is really worth checking out. Here is another example of the infectious enthusiasm I mentioned:

"He left inspired. And so did I. And I also left reminded of the fact that no matter how complex our jobs as leaders get - there is nothing that can replace reaching inside the heart of another individual and inspiring them to greatness. There really is nothing like it"

What a great sentiment.

Scott also brings his own spirituality out into the open in his posts. I can see that his church is one of the most important aspects of his life, and it is nice to hear him talk so openly about his beliefs. On this topic, I especially liked his recent post on "Cultural Christianity" An open discussion about how sometimes the church can sometimes drive young people away without meaning to.

But it's not only Scott's more recent posts (and a beautiful new blog format I see!) that are worth checking out. I clicked my way into his old blog and found many great posts there too.

Thanks Scott, for making my day a little brighter. Your enthusiasm is always welcome at Renaissance Girl!


Blogger Scott Hodge said...

jay - wow... thanks for your kind post. i'm flattered! i'm digging your blog as well. thanks for the aloha!


10:35 PM  

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