Thursday, May 05, 2005

Sushi with Jay

I was handed a new project today and, although it dovetails nicely with the project I am currently swimming in, I feel a bit overwhelmed. Mostly this comes from my fear that I will be found out at any minute - I am an impostor who cannot actually handle this writing sucks, etc. So, I am going to take a deep breath (or three), have a sushi lunch with Jay to center myself and dive in. Taking my cue from Rosa Say I will celebrate the uniqueness of today's date and attempt to flush limiting thoughts from my mind while exercising my production of the positive.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!


Blogger Rosa Say said...

Good for you Nigel! Positive breeds more positive ... Wish I could be there with you both for some sushi too, ...ono (delicious!)

5:33 PM  

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