Tuesday, May 03, 2005


While I would like to say I have been crazy busy and hence the recent lag in posting, I cannot make excuses for this bout of motivation-lag. However, I caught the last few minutes of a CBC (I think - it was late, my apologies for the lack of sourcing) program showcasing the work of Bellona. I want to direct people to their work because not only was the basic strategy of "one foot in front of the other" highlighted as the way to tackle mountainous jobs/problems/tasks but their work was presented with an underlying sense of hope. I was surprised because the program was focused on nuclear waste and its disposal and had the potential to be a horrifying piece informing viewers on the sad state of affairs. Instead, I was left feeling hopeful that there was a group of people out there committed to working on this issue and that there was a place for ALL OF US to contribute. I am a big fan of straightforward problem presentation with tangible solution possibilities.

Probably because I have a hard time doing this in my own life.


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