Monday, April 18, 2005

My mind wandered...


So I thought about going on a retreat - ah bliss! A quiet place to reflect, eat good food, be active and create. If anybody knows any good ones - please let me know.

But maybe it doesn't take a retreat. Maybe if I just switched off the TV at night, and took an extra 20mins to cook myself some healthy food, instead of eating junk. Maybe if I went for a walk on my lunchbreak and stretched a bit more. Maybe if I worked on getting adequate sleep each night, then I could find more time and energy to be creative.

It's nice, though, to be somewhere where the only thing you have to do is be true to yourself. I think that is what a retreat really offers. So do spill - if you have a particular favorite retreat place or retreat story.


A note on Nigel's Post: Entrepreneurship and exploitation.

I find it exceptionally interesting that those two topics wound up in the same post. Some people would say that if we are not careful, entrepreneurship can easily degenerate into Exploitation. Some people would say that as responsible entrepreneurs our goal is to never let that happen. Some may even go as far as saying that women in the sex trade are enrepreneurs in their own right. After all, they are just filling a void in the free market system.

Now I disagree with the last point, and agree with the first two. One thing we must always remember in business (and personal life) is that we have a choice. Every morning when we get out of bed, we can choose to contribute to the world in a way that makes it better for others, or in a way that exploits others. Being a responsible citizen and a good person is not mutually exclusive to being a sucessful business person. You just have to remember that the bigger you become, the more your individual choices begin to effect other people.

So let's be successful entrepreneurs, managers, salespeople, whatever. Success is good. It feels good, it can help you do good in the world. But never forget: success can be a double edged sword, and you choose every day how to wield it.


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