Saturday, April 16, 2005

Taking a minute

I have been feeling a little pressed for time as of late but I am currently waiting for the plumber to finish dismantling my kitchen sink so I thought I would take this opportunity to post. Apparently when the upstairs people shower their water overflows a pan down here somewhere and the neighbor kitty corner to me, as well as myself, get blocked kitchen sinks. Nice. Got to love apartment living...atleast the neighbors directly above my bedroom have been quiet as church mice for the last little while. I hope that doesn't mean their relationship is on the skids.

So, I did my usual old man routine and picked up the weekend Globe, grabbed a coffee and brioche and spent a leisurely amount of time pouring over the paper. Really enjoy that...hard to find like minded souls my age. There was an article on positive thinking (sort of) by Heather Mallick; her column As If. It resonated because I have been feeling more impatient and malcontent like than usual - like time is closing in on me and I have to have it all figured out and carried out SOON. It didn't help reading the lead column in the F section, by Leah McLaren, on the confidence and ambition and follow through of the "echo generation," or early twenty-somethings. Can't seem to stop the perpetual measuring of myself against some impossible yard stick.

Ok, now I've throw a little Beth Orten on, Don't Wanna Know 'bout Evil, and I can believe for now that it will all be ok. I would also like to recommend Nouvelle Vague for moments such as these.

I have to go muck out the room that was my kitchen now. The plumber has finished up and, I think, the conclusion was a successful one.


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