Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Why does being creative matter?

I saw that question in a book review in It is a great interview with Twyla Tharpe: choreagrapher and now author of the book:The Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It for Life. The article is worth reading if only for Twyla's tips on how to foster creativity in yourself on a day to day basis, but I especially liked her answer to the above question. When asked why does being creative matter, Mrs. Tharpe responded:

"So that you walk out the door believing in yourself a little bit more. So you believe that in any given day you've made more of it than it might otherwise have been. So that you do not take things for granted. Creativity, ultimately, is a way of saying thank you."

I would like to add my two cents, and tell you why I think being creative matters, both in business and personal life:

Creativity matters because ultimately it is the one thing that is certain to make you better.

Creativity matters because in a world where customers have millions of choices, creativity in products and advertising gets you noticed.

Creativity matters because the best and brightest employees usually have it.

Creativity matters because your customers value it.

Creativity matters because in the end, it's the creative ideas that will allow you business to continue to grow.

Creativity matters because it's fun.

Creativity matters because it gives your life purpose.

Creativity matters because it allows you to strive for more.

Creativity matters because it allows you to bring something into the world that would never have gotten there if not for you.

Creativity matters because it helps you connect with people.

Now many of these statements overlap. Creativity is flexible that way. The point is, if you are a manager, and you aren't doing everything you can to encourage creativity in your staff (both in and outside the workplace) then you're missing the boat. Creative thinking is so essential for getting ahead, that even in the most non-creative desk job, your business will do better if staffed with creative people.

Think about this: The first car would have never been built without a creative person to dream it up. Computers would not have been invented, nor the internet. Companies cannot evolve without creative people. Why would you limit your own evolution?


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Excellent post Jay, and thank you for sharing that Twyla Tharp interview.

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