Friday, April 08, 2005

Today's Post: The Spy Biz

Caught a snippet of the CBC news this morning, before I ran out the door to meet up with my J.W. [see last week's post] 'friend' to talk evolutionary theory (she was not out at her usual spot on the sidewalk - between Bikram's Hot Yoga studio and the queer-friendly hair salon; so I guess I was stood up)...the CBC was reporting on "spy agencies" funding students in their studies with the alternate agenda of keeping tabs on their professors (dovetailing nicely with the story out of the States about the Professor sanctioned for his remarks on 9/11). Students in Vancouver were then surveyed, in typical sound-bite fashion, regarding their opinion on the subject - those opinions ranged from resounding, "hell yeses" to indignation that the objective and pure ivory tower would be sullied in such a which point I choked because I was laughing so hard. [note: I can't find the story on their website and cannot guarantee that I heard this story correctly, fact for fact - the CBC has a bad habit of not posting every story they report on during their brief news updates on the 1/2 hour and I have a bad habit of disseminating theses stories after catching bits and pieces while frantically pulling myself together in the morning.]

I think this parallels nicely with Jay's post below, underscoring the ridiculous nature of "security." I don't feel very safe, do you?

But I wouldn't mind having someone pay for my education either...and the idea of working for an organisation like CSIS taps into the romantic 'spy' image I have in my mind: mentally and physically sharp, kicking easily identifiable bad peoples' assess...making out with civilians and key players alike. Very James Bond and, I'm sure, a very accurate portrayal.


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