Monday, April 04, 2005

My Eyes are Burning but I am Chomping at the Bit

Not fully awake and it is almost noon (I forgive myself because the clocks jumped forward this Sunday and there was a cat fight in the hall last night, as well as a dog with fitful dreams in my bed). Resources for those of you who find yourselves in the same pet-sitter role here...

I had a wonderfully inspiring Friday night with Jay and Target Market (check out T.M.’s arresting poem ‘Wet Dream’). I had hoped this start to my weekend would bear fruit of a creative kind but I let my new duties as zoo keeper fill my head to the point of overload…and it is Monday again. I suppose, as long as I jot down those little flames of beginning ideas, I can come to them again when I have moved back to my own home next week. Wasn’t it Hemingway who always said he liked to stop writing before the ink well was dry so he would have a little something to start with, the following day?

1) project with Jay
2) my own stories
3) article spin off from thesis

It feels like time to get very cliché and rent a writer’s cabin somewhere…but a little at a time may be my new modus operandi (thank you for the suggestion, Jay).


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