Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The Wild Mind

Geat post on Evelyn Rodriguez's site today about the Wild Mind. Required reading for renaissance people.

She discusses putting aside your inner self doubts to unleash your creative side. In her post she's specifically referring to writers, but the message really resonated with me in terms of striving to be a fully functional creative person.

We spend so much of our lives stuck in a small cage of self doubt and fear (a place we create but society strengthens ) In order to truly realize our creative potential and live a satisfying and whole life we have to step outside of our little cage.

Once outside we realize there is a huge world of possibility out there - but then invariably we are pushed back into our tiny enclosure by fear and doubt - but this time with the dissatisfaction of knowing that we have seen the alternative and this cage no longer suits us.

This is the heartbreak of being a creative person and trying to live your full life.

But there is also hope in realizing that there is an entire exciting creative world out there. It's like you SEE the possibilities that are available to you. You struggle to get past your own self doubt and societies expectation and it's so HARD. It's EXCRUTIATING, but it is so worth the fight. Think of it as a fight for your own life. It's a fight for your creative life. It's like asking the real you to please step forward for the first time.

And each time you spend a little more time outside your cage, you become stronger. Strong enough to keep fighting. Strong enough to fight harder. Strong enough to break your cage.


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