Monday, March 21, 2005

Still Stuffed

But I am soldiering on for three reasons:

1) working to a deadline;
2) tv-couch time got really old over the weekend;
3) not 100% covered by my work for sick days.

The above is not necessarily in order of importance...

Regardless I am eager to dig into my new (now almost a week old) project with my whole, stuffed-up, head...I am back burner-ing my other work until I slog through construction of the 'foundation' on this new project. I enjoy this part but I am always a little lacklustre on the follow through (I think this is partly due to vague foci and resultant expectations - not to mention my less than tight working 'style'). Moving on...

Three minor jolts from the past this morning and I am wondering if my current attempts to live in the present are becoming like the opposite course of my past pendulum swing, ie usually living in the past versus ignoring it completely. For fear of sounding too in touch with my inner child: isn't it interesting how something has a way of reminding us to temper our latest endeavors; everything in moderation?


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