Thursday, March 17, 2005

A Speedbump on the Road to my Success? or Is the Glass half empty?

So my "paid gig" fell through. The people that were going to pay for a video have changed their mind, for now and decided that they didn't need one. I am of two minds about this:

1) I was flattered when they wanted to hire us to shoot them sight unseen, but a little suspicious at the anount of planning they themselves had put into the idea. If you are going to hire somebody without first making sure you like what they do, then the possibility of disappointment runs rampant. Also, I already have three gigs this weekend (all pro bono... sigh) so I am happy to not have the pressure of the paid one clouding my work for the others.

2) But, I really liked the IDEA that somebody was willing to shell out for what we do. Not only does that speak of market demand, it also meant a possible turning point in the business (see below) which we have to wait on again. That being said, when it DOES come sround again, perhaps we will be better prepared.

I still think that word of mouth is in our favour. The fact that these guys were thinking of hiring us means that when projects come up again, we will be top of mind. The pro bono projects we are doing for others also will create exposure and hopefully good reviews. By having the space to focus on those projects this weekend, we will be able to make them top quality, which will in turn create stronger referrals in the future.

So it's a mixed blessing - but I believe that there is a natural progression to things, and it is best to "go with flow" I guess then, my glass is half full - ha ha. At least, I have enough to keep me busy.


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