Friday, March 11, 2005

Not working today and I just got paid

So everything is going to be has to be...

Just about to head out and take care of business, errands and the like, and I thought I'd take the time to write a brief treatise on the brilliance of the mix tape. My good friend Simon made me one (with play list describing why each song made the cut and/or is relevant to his life, mine, or everyone we know) and now I have something to throw in the stereo every time I miss having breakfast/coffee/beers with him and Al (his partner). Miss you guys something fierce.

My uncle also recently sent me a CD of tunes he felt it imperative I familiarise myself with...what a wild way to get to know someone. I still owe him a rebuttal mix. And my cousin in the prairies, but that is another story about growing up in the same country but in parallel universes.

So make a compilation of sorts tonight and send it to someone you are missing or just want to have know you a little better.


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