Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Margaret Mead

Being bed-ridden for almost a week can be a mixed blessing: lots of time to think and too much time to think.

Spring boarding off of yesterday’s post on creating one’s own job/career and place in the world; I want to do more work on defining that for myself and then tell others. Lots of others.

I also have been thinking about sex. Love too but mostly about sex. I blame too much tv time over the past week and the CBC documentary: Sex, truth and videotape. I am getting dangerously close to a Margaret Mead frame of mind but I am drawn these days to concepts of self in relation to sex. What is the western frame of reference, how does that evolve and what is normal for me…maybe this is less Mead and more Desmond Morris. Or Jerry Springer.

Also have been thinking about human beings as animals and machines and the optimal utilization of our animal or machine selves: maintenance of the vehicle in which we travel. To flu shot or not to flu shot…let alone diet, exercise and the like.

None of the above is revolutionary but I believe it is mandatory in terms of individual self-determinism.


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