Saturday, February 26, 2005

Photos of Our Discontent/Consent

Saturday and I am warming up for another day in the archives of UBC (University of British Columbia)...a half day so I can't get too bogged down in the working-on-the-weekend-so-pity-me I am here of my own choosing. Anyway. I just wanted to jot down a quick recommendation that if anyone is reading this AND in Vancouver anytime soon, check out the exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery, titled "Real Pictures." I spent an hour taking in two rooms and a half...must return...must soak it all in...

Got me to thinking about the representation of "other." This is basic modes of colonisation discourse rearing it's complex head...been talked about backwards and forwards since post-armchair Anthropology times...but I think the concepts, ideas, philosophies, ethics need to be revisited. I refer you back to my recent link to Wade Davis' beautiful but troubling site.

Is it ethical to take photos of non-Western it ok to then make money/a career off of the photos (even if funds do dribble down to the 'subjects')? What is consent?


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