Thursday, February 24, 2005

The Flight was Breath-taking

So I am off the island and back in the sky-scraper sea that is is not as smooth this morning as I had anticipated but it is just good to be here.

This has been a good week in general because I am liking my job. Now that I have the daily minutia under some version of "control" I am raising my head and taking in the long vista of potential I now see as my new job's potential. Besides, it doesn't hurt that this week has included a software training session and work "in the field." Anyway, what a difference - following in the vein of Jay's latest posts - when you are working, existing, in the moment as opposed to gritting one's teeth and clenching one's eyes shut until those liquid gold moments after quitting time. Not that work can't be about paying the bills but wouldn't we all rather live every hour of our lives instead of waiting for off hours?

I know I do.

And the budget's out...unfortunately, the losers (according to the Globe & Mail) are those areas/people of Canada that have historically always been the "losers." And yet, why do I feel the title "Mr. Dithers" is not fair for poor Paul? Damn I need more time to read, sythesise, and formulate intelligent opinions...


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