Thursday, February 24, 2005

What Inspires me?

Rosa Say in her great Blog Talking Story asks the important question today: "What Inspires you"

She goes on to say, that if we consistently strive to do what inspires us, then we will continually be reshaping ourselves and says:

"I sincerely believe that we must all be working on ourselves daily, reshaping our thinking and our habits on the way to an eventual new kind of retirement that translates to working the rest of your days on doing what you love for profit and not paycheck. It’s a model that includes working whenever you want."

Which is inspiring in itself, no?

I think that the problem with management in business as it is (in most cases, again I generalise) Is that nobody is ever asked what inspires them. Fundamentally, it is a MANAGER'S JOB to INSPIRE their staff, but if you were to ask, say 90% of the working world (regular joe, going to work to feed their family people) what inspired them - their work is not on the list.

So we get sad, lonely shells of people doing their time in the 9-5, hanging on til retirement, dreaming of fulfillment. A far cry from Rosa's model of non- retirement. Management has bonuses, they have games, and morale building exercises, they have meetings and power point presentations. Sometimes they even have motivational speakers. So much more productivity could result with so much less energy spent, if managers would ask their employees Rosa's question - and mean it. Then work would be for profit, instead of for paycheque, and as in Hamish's recent post on his new blog Cardboard Spaceship: Business would become a "flow" a group of people working together for a common purpose...



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