Thursday, February 17, 2005

My Computer doesn't Work

And I think it's funny. My work computer never does what it's supposed to do when I want it to do it. For example, in the mornings I can download .pdf files using Adobe acrobat reader - no problem. After lunch however, I try to download the same .pdf files using the same adobe acrobat and my internet explorer freezes. Sometimes when I am using work software to access information critical to me doing my job, that software program will also freeze, and I'm usually left looking incompetent in front of clients I am trying to impress. But, you can't let the little things in life get you down - so instead I laugh. I think it's funny.

I work for a BIG company. This company makes decent profits every year, but somehow they don't seem to be able to give us computers that actually work. Because many of our computer gaffes happen when we are giving client presentations, some days I find it difficult to believe that the company cares for customer service as much as it tells me it does.

Oh they send out technical releases to fix the computer problems, but this is also funny. Each new release will invariably fix one problem while starting another. Technology has a sense of humour!

But the good news this month is: New computers are on their way. After months (and maybe years of slogging through technical difficulties -and that really annoying hour glass that appears on the screen whenever your computer freezes.) We will finally be free of our computational annoyances!

Or will we?

In other news:

One tiny article on the fifth page of the newspaper today on Kyoto
Big full front page spread on end of NHL season of the newspaper however.
This really makes you question our priorities.


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