Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Good luck Jay! (and today's word is: juxtapose)

I ate too much salt last night and now I am paying the price: dry mouth and taste bud disaffective disorder (i.e. my buds now hate me and are punishing me by making my coffee taste weird). But even a world weary soul such as mine, especially in the morning, cannot help but breathe deeply when it sees frost glazing the tops of old homes. This is my lead into a ramble about internal and external living: the dichotomy in that but also the obvious connectivism.

Last night CBC newsworld had two interesting programs on: "Sex, Truth and Videotape: Sex and Celebrity" and "The Hour" hosted by George Stroumboulopoulos. The former had notable Canadian women talking about feminism, love, sex and everything in between (Mary Walsh actually seemed shy at points in the conversation). The latter had a particularly engaging discussion with two of the three authors, Kenneth Cain (?) and Heidi Postlewait, of Emergency Sex and Other Extreme Measures (topical in light of the sexual abuse charges against U.N. soldiers and civilians coming out of the Congo right now). The two shows together were especially interesting when viewed behind Western cultures’ lens of Valentine’s Day. And the overwhelmingly strongest connection between the two stories was the issue of loneliness.

And then I channel surfed past Nick and Jessica’s newlywed docu-drama and took in a brief image of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony singing a duet (and doing costume adjustments on stage) for the 47th Grammy Awards.

Needless to say, my mind was racing to keep up with the seemingly juxtaposed and openly warring sides of my consciousness: my fascination with popular culture and my horror surrounding those things we do to one another for myriad reasons/non-reasons, AGAINST my struggle to remain strong and respectful of myself and loving thereby developing my ability to be both to others. Obviously not so juxtaposed; one affects the other and vice versa. Consciousness is an amazingly fluid entity and I firmly believe we should all have journals on our person at all times AND have weblogs.

And write songs...


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