Thursday, February 10, 2005

Stifled and cloudy

I am feeling noncommittal this morning so decided to see what other people are thinking about today…Hugh Macleod is uncharacteristically silent for the moment so I followed a link on his page and then followed another and another and another…the following are the bits that hit a chord with me…

And at the center, another question arises which is, if I'm not in control, then what and where am I, really? It is in this place, after the discomfort and internal fires burn away, that I believe something else can come in. Externally, in our relationships and sense of community, this is a place where authentic contact can be born. And in our inner worlds as well, this may be the birthplace of a deeper love and the beginnings of a path toward a new kind of light. - Dan Oestritch

This is NOT letting the spark die out ... it's sitting back and relaxing into watching and listening to the spark, and stilling all the wind currents that we keep bringing with us as we keep trying to figure out how to make the spark jump into flame ... and blowing at it all the time without knowing what kind of fuel to bring to it won't make it flame but will keep it sputtering and jumping ... acknowledging that it won't go out, sitting back and watching it lets us know what kinds of fuel it might like to use next. - Jon Husband

"To be what you are is in itself very arduous without trying to become something, which is not difficult. You can always pretend, put on a mask, but to be what you are is an extremely complex affair; because you are always changing; you are never the same and each moment reveals a new facet, a new depth, a new surface. You can't be all this at one moment for each moment brings its own change. So if you are intelligent, you give up being anything." - J. Krishnamurti

(from: The Obvious)

Find your own pathway down there, and don't stop. Walk in the mud of your own soul. That is the work of people. That is the work that is called for by these times. – Lisa Thompson

(from: Fieldnotes)

There are people everywhere who form a Fourth World, or a diaspora of thier own...When you are among them you know you will not be mocked or resented, because they will not care about your race, your faith, your sex or your nationality...They are exiles in their own communities, because they are always in a minority, but they form a mighty nation, if they only knew it. It is the nation of nowhere. - Jan Morris

(from: the Intentional Traveler)

more on the above at a later date...


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