Friday, February 04, 2005

Caffeine Inspired Thoughts...

I have a dear friend who at one time could not get started in the morning without a Large coffee cup filled to the brim with 8 double espressos.... that's what this title reminds me of.

More on the subject of Motivation:

First thing this morning, when myself and my coworkers are usually found eating breakfast across the street in what has become a Friday ritual, we were forced into a "company meeting".

The presenter, was eager to impart strings of knowledge on how we could sell a certain product more effectively to it's target marget and why selling this product is a "good thing". So, he stood in front of us with his POWERPOINT PRESENTATION and imparted pearls of wisdom from above. In this meeting I learned two things:

1) Fancy technology does not make a boring presentation any more fun.

2) You can not make a person care about selling something if your only benefit is "the good of the company"

Now, if this gentlemen had held an engaging meeting which involved us and contained all the necessary information but presented it in a playful and surprising way - I would have enjoyed myself and retained more. If he had said "Sell this product and in doing so you will help people achieve their dreams of________" I would perhaps have listened more attentively. As it stands, however, my but fell asleep... and I envied it.

Motivation does not come from you telling me to listen and talking at me - it comes from you getting me excited about becoming something better. This applies always.


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