Wednesday, February 02, 2005

My First Time

I am disappointed that I feel so hesitant to commit even a paragraph to a space that has the potential to be so public. However, Jay is right. It is time to strike out in a new direction, if only for the exercise...maybe birthdays are about celebrating one's survival of new directions, new choices. So many choices are made throughout the span of a year.

Writing in this forum feels a lot like leaving your diary out on a park bench in the middle of downtown...but you find it again and again and keep adding to it while others write feedback and new thoughts. Anonymous, but the very real possibility of being discovered as you slink back to the bench for another session.

I am wondering about the terms in this blogger contract concerning copyright. It seems to me that not matter what one produces, how and why, all that matters is the where...the "where" is the intellectual property owner. What does this mean if one publishes what they produce in this blogger arena? They give a cut to...they can't publish because...I already feel the creative juices drying up and the fear descend...what happens if I write something at the copyright savvy, corner cafe in the near future? Will the barrista come running over to grab at my scrawled upon napkins? Or merely throw down a weighty contract to sign that promises a nice cut to the establishment...I feel so ill informed and impatient for the day when Gibson-like one can just plug into a data source and learn IT all.


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