Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Happy Birthday

Alright, new year, new blog - I like it.

My birthday was yesterday. It was decent, although I feel that it included too much working as far as I was concerned. The perils of weekday birthdays..

But it got me thinking about the funny things humans do, and why we even celebrate birthdays. Partly I think, it's a way of showing the birthday boy or girl that you love them - "Happy Birthday" meaning "We are glad that you were born x number of years ago." However, I have a funny idea that it is also a congratulations for surviving this long sort of thing. "Happy Birthday" then meaning "Good job for making it through another year without getting killed." Hey, in this day and age, one could argue that making it through another year is DEFINITELY something worth celebrating (especially in some countries).

So what else am I excited about this year? I have some ideas for videos that I want to shoot (more on that in further posts). I am going to create an entire Freddy Krueger prosthetic makeup (why? because I can). Also I am going back to school - where I will take communications and hopefully become better at.. well, This! It remains to be seen


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