Friday, February 04, 2005

Caffeine free thoughts

Had a lovely conversation with Jay yesterday, over tepid but tasty pizza, and got on a tangent about "the pure language." Traditionally (western tradition only?) this is the science of mathematics; however, due to a recent posting of Hugh's (Macleod - and I can't seem to track back to the actual post so I apologise) I starting thinking about the comment that having an MFA and MBA were the new cutting edge skill set to acquire and wondered if having these two degrees, working within them, would be the new pure language. But now I am confusing pure language with lingua franca. Or are they the same thing? A way to communicate with other people about a common interest or toward a common goal; the problem with a pure language is that it has to transcend one's cultural context. I say problem because not everyone knows the science of mathematics well enough to converse in it, nor does everyone have MFAs and MBAs. So we are back to needing intermediaries, middlemen, and I don't think I need to go off on a rant here to point out the big problems with speaking through others. So, how then do I reconcile my position that this may be a role for me in the future but a problematic role. Cautionary notes before positing any opinion always comes off as irritatingly passive...

I find it hard to be concise in the morning.

My other conundrum is blogging about my work. I recently started a new job in the same field I have worked within now for about six years. Love the work but still haven't found a conduit for that work that I feel satisfied part due to the fact that I just plain haven't put the energy into looking at the myriad of conduits available or at the culture to see what could be supported as a new role for the work. Anyway, the confusion surrounds whether I want this blog space to be a job-free space. I suppose I could write about the work divorced from the job...and as it is a huge portion of my life it feels odd to think about leaving it out all together. Must drink more coffee and ponder...


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