Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Personal Apex

Took public transit up to the local university last night for my weekly French class (directed to check out this helpful site - be warned it is a very busy site) and instead of reading or nodding off I actually listened to those around me…I had forgotten about youthful enthusiasm when one clicks with the subject matter one chooses to pursue.

Mostly the chit chat centered around egotistical musings about how, “we can do it better,” not realizing of course that they were talking about the same shit I did five years ago…and others were fifty years before that…but nuggets struck a chord with me and I felt inspired to turn my thoughts again toward change…Tom Peters says it best, “I wanna make “all this stuff” work together to do Miracles! Because Miracles ARE possible!...I’m old. I’m tired. I WILL NOT PUT UP WITH OR ACCEPT ANYTHING LESS THAN REVOLUTIONARY ASPIRATIONS!” (his site). And Hugh sums it all up in today’s entry with, “Maybe there's more than one way to crack this nut. Maybe that's what being creative is really all about…Our thoughts are coming together because we are no longer asleep. We're not even sleepy.” (his site). Again, nothing new here but the obvious, read common sense, needs to be re-stated every so often.

And this is where I think I fit, the making meaning part – Hugh’s nugget, “We are entering "The Creative Age". We have started to look for meaning. We are hungry. Meaning is the prey.”

Ta dah, this is how I sell the value of today’s anthropologist. We are not only a specialised and sometimes insular little group, known only because of the weak link between the discipline and popular, mislabelled media reps of the discipline (ex. Indiana Jones and Wade Davis). We are a highly skilled group ready (and already entrenched) to facilitate the articulation of MEANING and analysis of the attributes of ourselves, our cultures, and the interplay between us all.

Question to self: Is my marketing “pyramid” (gapingvoid) this blog, my cash job, and, at the pinnacle, my aspirations to be a contributor in a more global forum? I suppose I am back to my original goal, an entry or so ago: to define my own personal apex.


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