Monday, February 07, 2005

It is sunny outside and I'm at work

Spent what I believed would be a weekend of compromises and ended up really enjoying a series of moments…putting into practice positivity exercises I thought were common sense and therefore needed no examination; and certainly no thoughtful application.

So I found myself on a boat in choppy seas blown away by the incredible beauty of my surroundings (take a look). Foggy islands in the distance, still cormorants on rocky outcroppings, the steel gray of the water…and my loopy former employer at the helm of the worse for wear 2 cylinder boat.

Her rented cabin on the water front of a nearby island is a peaceful place; throw in a roaring fireplace and friendly cat and you can’t help but pull on some fleecy pants and sleepily read a book. I quickly realized that any talk of work or money owed would have to be spoken of in soft tones and subtle highlights…and the charts I had brought would have to be emailed to her office once I got home. No expectations became my mantra…

This weekend got me to thinking about expectations and the line between compromise and compromising. How far is too far before you are bent over the proverbial couch? And I hate it when the answer is, “your gut will tell you.” No, it won’t, it is confused and that is why I am asking in the first place. Self-doubt is a terrible thing – the enemy within…the hand that muffles common sense.

It is Monday morning and time for a second cup of coffee.


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