Tuesday, February 08, 2005

I need to surf

I work in a “business” that does not represent itself as a business but as a service. Whether or not I agree with that labeling of the work I would say that the following still holds water (thank you Jay and Hugh): we need to undertake our “service” with integrity, creativity, and with the respectful treatment of our clients (and all people, whether involved directly with the process or not). Period. Why does common sense (common decency) have to continually be spelled out?

And believe me, it most desperately does…

This morning has seen back to back meetings regarding policy change and I couldn’t help but have my focus wander to the idea of ‘plain speaking’ when disseminating information. Jay touched on this in her earlier blog, “Caffeine Inspired Thoughts…,” and I couldn’t help but note in my meetings that I was not being inspired to help others achieve something better (let alone their dreams), I was listening to dialogue surrounding cost-effective, resource-minimal, management of the FUTURE…specific pieces of the future. The conversation could have included a broader view and achieved so much more.

So getting back to effective, inspirational work/dream achievement, for yourself and one’s client, the answer seems deceptively simple: integrity, creativity, and respect. I say “deceptively” because I caution the reader to never forget tangential issues such as cultural values, societal contexts, etc. that affect and steer the application of the above three methods/values. However, as guides they serve admirably well. As would the adage, “do no harm.” I am feeling very naïve and petulant writing the above but, damn it, why can’t the world be fair?

More on this (and better argued/articulated) as I do more thorough research for my own work and possible FUTURE work…

I need to surf the web and keep up with my co-blogger on the linking of subject matter…


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