Thursday, February 10, 2005

This Is Not Here

The title to this post was a sign above the door of John Lennon's house in the UK.

I like it because I feel it signifies a fundamental truth in life: No two people experience the same moment in exactly the same way. So, what is "here" for me is only the place that I have created with my attitudes, past experiences and pre-conceived notions.

There is an interesting post on creating compassionate users today which talks about unlearning as an important precursor to learning. Worth checking out. Applies to the above as, of course all our attitudes and the eyes through which we see the world are learned through experience. Sometimes we have to unlearn our thoughts in order to make the 'here" we are in the very place we want to be. I think that's what blogs like the ones Nigel quoted below help us do.


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