Friday, February 11, 2005


Hmmm. Not feeling very creative today. This is the third time I've started to write this post, and to no avail, as the ideas just don't seem to flow as naturally as usual. I'm writing this only through strength of will based on two things: 1) somebody actually could be reading this who would care if I missed a post (chance, slim, but still) and 2) Forcing yourself to write something every day is a GREAT creative writing exercise, and with going back to school for communications in August (T minus 26 weeks and COUNTING) I figure I should be tuning the instrument, so to speak.

Speaking of instruments... TODAY'S THE DAY! Kiltlifters playing in Town, so I go to relax and listen to good music after a stressful week (the beer helps too).

Anyway, It's been nice this week to have an event to look forward to. For me, seeing this band play is not just about going to the bar and having a good time, it is also about connecting with old friends- which tends to nourish the soul.

Actually, connecting with PEOPLE nourishes the soul of everyone involved in the exchange. That's what alot of corporations (and big media especially) don't get. As Hugh says: Advertising is a one way conversation. It takes a two way conversation for any connection to happen, but once a connection is in place, wow is it powerful.

That's when you move from experiencing life, to enjoying it. Cultivating those little connections with people every day takes emotional and mental effort, but it gives back in spades.

There, done writing for the day,


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