Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Is The EU Where It's At?

I see Jay is up early this morning and I also received a wonderful email up date from my friends in Australia – a sweaty but at peace sort of message…

Kyoto Global Warming Pact: takes seven years to implement, seven years to run it’s course and the US and Australia take themselves out of the mix because the Pact will ruin their economies…that’s great, I wonder what Bush and Howard’s great grandchildren will think about that, as their skin peels off…

Last night in French class I was happy. Not because the cute police officer was smiling at me but because we were all joking with each other and gently encouraging each other to work through the language problems we were assigned. We are such social animals and when that society is working we are happy. It is so straight forward that even I, preoccupied by the overwhelmingly bad taste after-effects of tic tacs and espresso, can appreciate that (as I solve math equations in French). What the hell is wrong with those who lead us? And then we start circling the wagons on the age old discussion of: those leaders WE voted in, etc….

Mornings always find me cynical and cliché.

I thought it was snowing as I walked to work this morning until I realized that the “snow” was actually blossom petals from the in-bloom cherry trees along View Street…and we are getting close to Flower Count season here in good old Victoria…I have read the Fort Victoria, chief factor’s journal from 1850 when he describes the snow drifts in this place, the bitter cold….Paul Martin was dead right when he stated that we know global warming is happening. We feel it.


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