Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Freedom is taken for granted..

Oh what a good life we have here...

And I complain about my job too much, methinks.

Yes, it is important to work/live a lifestyle where your creativity is free to blossom - but what if it isn't about lifestyle anymore. What if you live in a place where your own voice can be taken away by your government, and you have to fight every day just for the chance of something better? (no thoughts of lifestyle here - just life.)

That's why todays post urges everyone to link to the committee to protect bloggers . Two Iranian bloggers have been jailed recently for expressing their opinions on their own blogs. Apparently, because blogs are a personal story, bloggers are not even protected under the same laws as journalists when it comes to what they can/cannot write in other countries. (although one trip to the amnesty international website will tell you, journalistic protection doen't offer much either.)

So take the time today to visit the websites and read about what you can do to help. Remember, as long as we are lucky enough to live in a place where we are offered a voice, we can try to use it to effect positive change in the world. Thank you, and keep writing.


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