Thursday, March 10, 2005

Variable Cloudiness

Weather report for the day, here in Victoria, B.C.:

Temp: 17
Wind: N 5
Precip: 20 %
Variable cloudiness

On my mind:
Darfur (Sudan, AFRICA) and Pinchi Lake (British Columbia, CANADA)

Two peoples under siege…the reason I bring both situations to this blog is that time and time again we (read: western, typically white) ignore poverty, malnutrition, death, slaughter and the media makes peripheral commentary so that ‘we’ can shake our heads and say, “those poor people over there.”

Pinchi Lake, the Tlazten First Nation people, are here and Cominco has been running amok in B.C. (and elsewhere), relatively unchecked, for decades.

Now what?


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