Wednesday, March 09, 2005

"Bobby Fischer is 62 today" and other random thoughts...

Bobby Fischer, 62 today

You do what you have to do to put food on the table, then suddenly discover maybe you don't need a $400.00 purse or a $500.00 pair of shoes because your time is more important than that and you cannot be bought out. Suddenly you are living life for yourself and feeling more fulfilled all the time. At least that's the idea of it all. ~ Jay

Whoah…it is amazing to me how you think you know something and then someone says it again or in more articulate terms and boom you are reminded that there really is a difference between listening and hearing a truism. I am worth more than a $400 pair of boots (but they sure do rock – Fluevog) and I want my time to be about more than slobbering consumerism. Well, now doesn’t that take the pressure off of finding time to provide for perceived needs and contribute to the world in a way that may not directly garner one tangible pay-back…

New topic: I have been reading English Cut and while impressed with Thomas Mahon’s work ethic the following description of his temperament also caused me to pause and think, “this would be a great guy to have a conversation with…”

3. Temperament.

I love Savile Row, and love being there. But I know myself, and know the rest of London doesn't suit me nearly as well.

I don’t want four hours of commuting on tubes and trains, every day. Nor am I particularly interested in getting my name in the right glossy magazines. I can’t be bothered with the trendy parties. You never get a decent drink, anyway.

Call me old fashioned, but I have an independant [sic] streak. Yes, I prefer to rough it up here based in beautiful Cumbria and keep visiting my customers where they need me, not where it’s 'cool' to be seen.

Final topic: Based on conversations with a fellow student (French class), who is working as a police officer, I have decided to track down any treatises on the correlation between personality type and pursuing work in one of three well compensated, but requiring no post secondary schooling, excluding specialised training – which I am NOT downplaying, “helping” fields: the police, paramedics, and fire fighters. I suppose I need to caution myself against sweeping generalisations based on minimal samples…but isn’t it true that birds of a feather…?


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