Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Reason # 423 Why Rosa is wonderful

Check out her latest post on talking story. It's about listening to what you want and honouring what you want in order to develop your own innate strengths.

Rosa, you always say exactly what I need to hear (maybe its that old adage: when the student is ready....)

Some of you may have already guessed from many of my posts that I am feeling restless at my 9-5 day job (that hasn't been obvious) and am trying to develop the more creative (and fulfilling) side of myself. My goal is to turn my passions into a source of income, and in doing so start working for myself and my own agenda.

As Rosa says today: perhaps there is a very good reason why I am feeling restless. Perhaps there is a very good reason why I enjoy doing certain activities. Perhaps I should trust my instincts and do activities that feel "right" for me.

Perhaps you should too.

Thanks Rosa


Blogger Rosa Say said...

Aloha kaua e Jay,
Mahalo nui loa; my goodness you know how to make a person feel good! Your post title has made my day - actually, my past few days!

I've been reading your blog faithfully (not daily, but faithfully in that I click in to read everything when I do, BlogLines doesn't give me the full effect!) since that first day you stopped by at Talking Story, and you have an incredible amount to offer. Your sincerity is refreshing, and your voice clear and certain.

So in your case most of all, I can confidently say follow your heart, listen to your intuition, and give in to what you simply want -- that is reason that is much more than good enough. Just from knowing you for this short time, if what you write is the genuine who you are, I am very confident that you will be fine.


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