Wednesday, March 16, 2005

And the pressure is on...

Feeling a little bleak this morning and it is not because of the heavy rain and damp chillness in the air. I have just been assigned another project, on top of the one I am currently mismanaging, and I am grieving the loss of the little lull I had been taking for granted. By “lull” I mean being left to my own devices and pretty much setting up my day as I saw fit. If that meant reading all day, I read all day. If that meant chasing down some tangential issue (see yesterday’s post), I chased it down. Now I have to time manage and actually figure out a way to optimize my deliverable out-put. I need to be very motivated right now. I need to produce something that someone can have and hold.

And, damnit, I actually want to…I want to rise to the challenge and prove to myself that I am not an impostor.

So I will give a nod to the fear (I miss you Hunter - check out his last "Hey Rube" article) then put it to bed, shake off my own sleepiness, and dive in head first. I just hope the pool has enough water in it…


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