Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Where has the day gone?

I have been trying to write this (and send off an email to Jay) since I got in this morning at 8:30am..Unfortunately, actually doing my job has been very time consuming. And then I practiced yoga on my lunch break.

Today's work = MATH...how far can one go out in a boat before one can no longer see the height of land...taking into account the curvature of the Earth and pretending the West Coast of Vancouver Island usually experiences picture perfect weather (for those of you not from the Island, it normally doesn't). Anyway, I know everyone is waiting on tenter hooks so here is the spine tingling answer: approximately 100 nautical miles OR 185 kilometers OR 115 miles.

Tah Dah

In reference to Jay's last post, I too believe it is imperative to examine why something (person, place, or thing - animal, mineral, vegetable - if you prefer - for conceptualisation purposes) does not feel right or appropriate. Why is it always so much "easier" to condemn ourselves for being lazy or stupid or ungrateful instead of simply saying, "hey, this might not be for me." Not only will this save you a little heartache but for those around you as well. For example, those friends and family members who see you struggling AND those people who would flourish with your job/partner/place of residence/etc. if only you could just let go and move on.


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