Wednesday, March 30, 2005

From 'The Take'

Go here and sign...

We the undersigned therefore call upon the governments of Argentina and Neuquen, and the courts dealing with various aspects of the bankruptcy case to enact the following immediately:

1. Remove any threat of eviction from the factory, both now and in the future.

2. Grant legal recognition to the Zanon workers’ co-operative, FaSinPat, and acknowledge the important social and economic contribution they have made to their community over the past three years…

3. Pass a permanent and definitive law of expropriation on behalf of the workers of Zanon, so they can stop wasting energy in political and legal battles, and devote all their efforts to creating many more jobs, helping to build hospitals, schools, and housing in the public interest, and spreading the model of economic democracy, so desperately needed in Neuquen and around the world.


Blogger Target Market said...

Right on; let's spread the word =)

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