Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Scary Thought...

From Hamish at Cardboard Spaceship:

"More Guardian. According to this two thirds of the world's resources are already over-used. And we have the aspirations of the Chinese, Indians and others to factor into the growth curve.
Freedom might be disappearing in this curve. Either you have conflict for the resources, or you have resource management in a centralised and rationed fashion that does not interlock well with personal freedoms. "

He goes on to talk about the exponential growth observed in a yeast colony (biology 101) and how that if you chart that growth, it looks alot like out human population explosion - until it's inevitable, documented (in the case of the yeast colony) collapse.

Like I said, scary stuff.

And nobody seems to notice. I love the quote on The Coporation from the CEO of Interface when he talks about how modern Society is like humans buiding the airplane. We have jumped off a cliff in our rickety "plane" and Everybody aboard thinks that we are "flying" when in fact we are plummeting down the cliff, and only a few people see it. I think Hamish sees it.

But in the big world of business "sustainability" is just a buzz word used to try and attract more clients. Profit still reains supreme and "sustainability of market share" is more important than sustainability of anything else.

But without realizing the environmental and human impacts of our actions, any profits will never be truly sustainable.

Why do so few people seem to see that?


Blogger Target Market said...

Sad but true, girl. Thankfully, more and more of my friends and family are (like you and I) waking up to the reality that our society, our lifestyle, our dedication to "business as usual" and our patterns of voracious consumption - with total disregard for the consequences - are sending humanity off a cliff in a concrete plane. And the more people we talk (and blog) to about this, the more people will begin to understand the need for change. I hope we can reach the critical mass of motivated people before we hit the ground.

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