Monday, April 18, 2005

Entrepreneurship and Exploitation

I really found Jay's post informative because just this morning I was thinking about evolving my own posts from complaint oriented to solution oriented. I too have been wondering how to translate "entrepreneur" for myself. Additionally I still find myself strapped for cash three weeks out of every four due to a combination of tight budget and bad budgeting skills. I was thinking about some eBay-like route as a possible solution but I see from Jay's post that perhaps I should't limit myself there...there may be a more specific arrangement via the web to use as a conduit to reach a specific market. Good news.


I watched Sex Traffic, Part One, last night for the second time and would really recommend the two part dramatic series attempting to realistically depict the trafficking of women for work in the sex "industry." The woman who plays the elder sister is amazing and the show itself is a good reminder that this issue, like many others, is not a case of bad guys/good guys. Many people are complicit because they just don't want to ask questions or look too closely at a situation with the potential for exploitation. Part Two is tonight at 8pm on CBC; there should be a quick summary of Part One, so you can tune in half way through.


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