Wednesday, April 20, 2005

A Nod to Rosa

In keeping with Rosa Say’s 5 minute check-in strategy for managers : I have been speaking with someone who is leaving her job soon. Her staff administrator is a classic bully. Over the course of many years working with this administrator everyone has grumbled but predominantly turned the other cheek; the owners/operators of the company have been consulted and know of the situation but have done little to nothing for whatever reasons. As my friend prepares to exit, more cost saving/corner cutting actions have been occurring (ex. exceptions to sick leave provisions that were not agreed upon nor discussed with staff). She has been very angry and the disgruntled feeling that she has maintained over the years is now bubbling to the surface, so she wrote a very respectful and concise letter outlining the issues she has with the administrator. She discussed this letter with her fellow staff members and then gave the letter to the owners/operators. The administrator has now had a meeting with the owners/operators. Who knows what will come of this; however, the point was the woman needed to stand up for herself if only to actively prove to herself that she was worth more than the treatment she was receiving at the hands of the administrator. I believe the letter accomplished that…and the letter has proven that the administrator’s worldview does not include the precepts of respect and human dignity: her response to the letter was, “why bother when you are leaving soon?”

I think the administrator has deeper issues than poor communication skills. The owners/operators could have avoided this situation if they had been taking Rosa’s advice and checking in regularly with their staff. This is not an issue about monetary compensation (although they are criminal in how little they pay their highly trained staff). This is an issue about taking the time to know your staff and your work environment. Perhaps regular communication and LISTENING would have prevented the administrator from feeling so disgruntled and she would not have found it necessary to take out her bitterness on those she administered.


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