Friday, May 13, 2005


What would happen if no one in Canada voted in our, obviously, impending Spring Federal election; a larger than life statement that we, as a Nation, are tired of the bullshit? If those we voted in cannot get it together to do the work they were hired to do then maybe it is time they all packed up their office work minutia and pissed off. I just read this article about another day given over to in-fighting…

Although the above paragraph and fact that I am uncomfortably attired today (I’m a little behind on laundry so I am wearing too tight jeans from yesteryear) would lead one to believe that I am in a bad mood this morning, such is not the case. I have been feeling pretty light this week because I have been noticing little moments of real connection with my community. Regularly I bemoan the fact that I have been in this small city for far too long; wouldn’t it be the solution to all my woes if only I were to live in a foreign country, etc, etc. I have been trying to be in the present more and in so doing I can see the beauty in the here and now.

For sanity’s sake I need to practice this ‘awake in the moment’ way of being because I will be here for awhile, paying off debts, establishing myself in my chosen field. If constantly desiring to escape, my energy to live well – now - is diluted.

So I want to thank café servers (here and here) for remembering me, saying, “hello,” and giving me a free coffee every once in awhile…local venues and organisation chapters for hosting great lectures…and new and old friends for instilling in me a sense of joie de vivre. And thank you again Rosa for including me in an online community which inspires me to be present.


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