Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Genuinely Inspired

Because this weblog is authored by two people (one more than the other – sorry Jay), Rosa Say kindly allowed our page two opportunities to offer a May lei. I was glad Jay received Scott Hodge’s blog, ScottHodge.org, to review as I read his work often and enjoy his thoughts on “Life. Leadership. Lattes.” My “assigned reading” was a blog I had not visited previously, Dwayne Melancon’s Genuine Curiosity. After reading the byline to this blog I wondered how I could have missed reading someone “always on the lookout for new things to learn.” I get a good feeling when someone states up front that they are open to learning. I get an even better feeling when, after a preliminary read, I notice that said author is not afraid to draw his lessons from diverse sources…Dwayne seems to be influenced by what he reads (Allen’s Getting Things Done), tunes into (The Apprentice), and absorbs from other bloggers (Christopher Bailey). I have enjoyed Dwayne’s fearlessness in sharing what he is learning, how he is learning, and, most of all, where he feels he needs to learn more. Everything from organizational tips to goal setting with his family, Dwayne appears to understand that to be a true teacher he must reveal to his audience that he is still very much the student. For me this provokes rapt attention and a belief that what I find at Genuine Curiosity will be stripped bare of self-promoting (or protecting) gloss that would otherwise obscure Dwayne’s intended meaning and advice. Dwayne does not try to set himself up as a wise leader but in his empathetic language and accessible posts he certainly elicits respect for his knowledge base... and a promise of repeat visits.


Anonymous Dwayne Melancon said...

Wow - thank you, Nigel. I'm truly honored by your review. Thank you for your encouragement!

10:23 PM  
Blogger nigel said...

Thank you for the inspiration, Dwayne.

9:32 AM  
Blogger nigel said...

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9:32 AM  

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