Tuesday, June 07, 2005

First Scholarship = No :(

It was a BIG one too (up to $10,000)- and I lost out on a technicality! Apparently my application was very strong, but I had completed too many credits too be eligible... Sigh...


In other News, Seth Godin has posted some really interesting thoughts lately: He talks about how small is the new big, meaning that the wallmarts and super malls of the world are being threatened by the internet. The theory is (and I believe it to be true) that the internet minimizes the advantage of the economies of scale. With technology, big corporations no longer have a monopoly on what they can produce and how far they can distribute it. The result of this is that the little people, creating something remarkable can reach a very wide audience and be very successful. The big corporations on the other hand, tend to mass produce non-remarkable. Customers no longer have to settle for non-remarkable, and the big gus lose out. I must admit this is music to my little ears!

Seth, of course, says it better:

"One of the implications of the Long Tail is that you don't know what's going to work. That it's easy to launch stuff, hard to figure out where it's going to land. If you don't have to bet the farm on every launch, you're way more likely to launch more, and more randomly, which vastly increases your odds.
So, what do you do if you buy this? Quit.

Don't grow unless it gives you joy.

Dare your employees to become freelancers instead.

Do it on a weekend until it doesn't scare you quite so much.

It's no longer about access to cash. Now it's about choosing the right model and being remarkable."


So do what gives you joy. Chances are if you do you will be much more likely to create something remarkable. If you become remarkable then you are much more likely to become successful. And what could be more satisfying than becoming a success by following your heart? This to me is the most exciting promise of Long Tail thinking.


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