Saturday, May 28, 2005

Saying "No"...Eventually

Continuing on from an earlier post by Dwayne over at Genuine Curiosity (It's always about you isn't it?), I am currently working on not over extending myself - very challenging when one is fighting a lifetime of inculcated messages regarding pleasing others and not being too much of a fringe player. All experiences (it is late and I have a sunburn so excuse the broad strokes here) can be reduced to that age old maxim, "everything in moderation." The dreaded gray zone...welcome to that scary place where safe categories and set behaviours don't always apply. Sometimes the exception is the rule in this zone. The key will always be balance. My lesson? Take a deep breath, take stock of all I have promised of late, and then be reasonable about what I can accomplish, finally tucking into the long to-do list one item at a time.

Above all, I'll take the weekend to listen to some good music, enjoy the company of my myriad house guests and enjoy the blue skies as May ends in an explosion of summer weather.


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