Thursday, June 02, 2005

More on Media:

Recently I've talked about how marketing messages are everywhere, and I've also mentioned how it is so difficult to get unfiltered information from big media conglomerates and large companies. Today I am going to talk about ways to turn off those media messages and listen to what's true: your inner voice. Now I know you have all heard this stuff before so consider this a refresher.

Today Rosa spoke about Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highley successful people. Mr Covey himself talks about "Sharpening the Saw" as taking time for self renewal. I think that the process of quieting the competing voices (often from outside sources like the media) is an essential part of self renewal. One way to achieve this is through meditation. It is important to take the time to focus on this moment. How are you breathing? How is your skin feeling? How do you feel in this moment, right now? Sometimes this focus, though it may seem self-obsessed, is the only way to turn off the outside chatter and focus on what is true. Another way to do away with outside clutter is to actually physically go outside. A park or other greenspace is especially nice for this. Essentially what you are looking for is somewhere free from advertising images. A quiet place where your attention is drawn to the moment. I think Scott has found this place while riding his bike :). A third way to do this is to participate in sport, or exercise (Nigel and I like Yoga, but today we're going for a walk to get a little bit of the second way happening for us at the same time.) Again when you are involved in sport or fitness, ideally you are focused on you. How are you feeling? How fast/far do you want to go? Ho can you get that ball into that net? etc. etc. Some people like to create: art, music, baking, whatever. Essentially anything that has you looking internally and focusing on what you need in the moment will do. It seems self centered. It's not. In order to become "highly effective," in order to be there for others, in order to be a complete person, you have to first be there for yourself. This means turning off media chatter, clearing the clutter, and focusing on your little voice.

I think that is where real strength comes from.


Blogger Robin said...

Meditation certainly works for turning off the noise and learning a heck of a lot about yourself. You can't really help other people if you have no idea what's going on within yourself. All of it means practice, huh? It's life.

Thank you, Jay.

3:40 PM  
Blogger Jay said...

I agree Whole-heartedly, and thank you very much for the comment! We creative girls (and boys) really have to take care of ourselves, lest we have nothing left to give :)

4:29 PM  

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