Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Poor Jay

My apologies to those still with us and actually curious about what Jay and I are thinking and/or doing these days - weeks. I am still on my quest to find balance with my not so new anymore job...lots of emotion there as I have never been a proponent of the work-personal life dichotomy. So, if I am struggling at work this somehow indicates a failing with my character...I know, I know I should be paying someone to listen to this instead of turning this weblog into..."Dear diary..."

With that out of the way let me write that I will be grabbing the bull by its beastly horns, creating a strategy for successful work-life integration and project completion that DOES NOT entail breaking off pieces of my very being and feeding said pieces to the machine. I am feeling a bit dramatic this evening...

My question to you circles the gray zone: how does one take a mountain and distill it into manageable hills? How do we work on the immediate while planning for the future and learning from the past without dividing our focus so completely that the three perspectives never come back together to share each unique experience? Why am I thinking these days about Kafka's The Trial? Perhaps a good sleep and less coffee is the simple solution for now...

Thank you for your patience and I look forward to re-engaging on a more regular basis.

And thank you to Jay for keeping our little blog alive and now fed (RSS!).



Blogger Target Market said...

Be compassionate to yourself, just as you would be to any other struggling human being. I think that finding balance, peace and happiness are only possible once we love ourselves enough to believe that balance, peace and happiness are things that we deserve, just as much as any and every human (and other) life form on the planet.

I love you! And miss you and Jay both. When I come home we will have to have a girls' "destressing night" involving wine, chocolate, music, maybe pedicures?

Big hugz.

12:48 PM  
Blogger Jape said...

Be merciless with yourself.

Nitpick at your mistakes. Dwell on them.

Bring up slights from your past. Remind people of their faults.

Toss and turn at night. Give yourself ulcers.

And most importantly, listen to moron construction workers dispensing harmful advice.

:) Lunch?

12:01 PM  

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