Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Two More Notes

A quote from a BBC article on those individuals killed in the London bombings:

The philosopher Hannah Arendt concluded that evil lay in the refusal to think. One of the things evil cannot face contemplating is variety. It prefers monolithic simplicity. Reality outstrips simplicity through a constant flowering of unexpected lives. Evil thoughts and deeds cannot prevail against it.

~novelist Geoff Ryman

...which lead me to this link looking for his online story, 253: Hyperizons – online fiction.

I do not necessarily agree with the premise that "evil prefers simplicity," however, I do believe that "the constant flowering of unexpected lives," what Ryman goes on to detail by examining the intricacies of the lives lived by those who died, cannot be negated by monstrous actions. The point being that we need to be continually reminded of the beauty in the lives of others...the uniqueness we all cultivate as individuals.

A little naive an outlook I realise but bear with me...


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