Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Missing Jay: Unwelcome Bedfellows

I am still limping along with my report and therefore feel less inclined to post these days (I know – excuses, excuses), however, as Jay is currently enjoying much needed time away from our small city (and her work - finally) I suppose I must carry the torch – even though we all know I cannot take dear Jay’s place. Mainly because she posts… a lot…(see her other blog

That said, I really have very little to share.

I think I am learning to stress manage through this situation at work and I definitely know more about my job than when I started (i.e. it is perfectly acceptable to ignore inter and intra office emails as well as phone calls from those not directly involved with one’s current ‘hair-on-fire’ project). This is good. I also notice that there is carry over into other areas of my life…there is perspective. For example, I stayed at my parents’ house last night and upon tucking myself into bed felt something soft and wet roll on to my arm and then my leg. Excrement. Cat poop. Instead of seeing this as a problem I got out of bed (carefully), dealt with the alien entity between the sheets, stripped the sheets, cleaned myself, made the bed, and got back into it. Ta Dah. Mature behavior. I’ll be here all week.


Blogger Target Market said...

Hey, a post from Nigel! It is good to see that at least one out of the four amigos is on the job.

Cat poo in bed? Really, that's just disgusting. When do your parents return? I do hope you shall be duly compensated for the trauma you have been enduring.

2:37 PM  
Blogger nigel said...

I really over dramatise the all honesty it is nice to have a place out of the city to stay...feces aside.

2:46 PM  

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