Friday, July 08, 2005

Big Breakfast

This morning it is gray but warm and there is only a skeleton crew presence in my office. I arrived15 minutes late due to some slow tooth brushing and I have been wanting to turn around, leave, buy a paper and settle into a big breakfast ever since. I am still stressing out over looming deadlines and a general malaise has taken up residence in my psyche. In short, I am looking forward to the weekend, some seriously deep sleeps, and no agendas.

From the BBC today:

More than 50 people died in the London bomb attacks, the head of the Metropolitan Police has said...

Politicians and police have paid tribute to the resilience of Londoners, with transport returning to a near-normal service on the Tube...

London Mayor Ken Livingstone said he had believed for some time that an attack on the city was inevitable and said the emergency operation had "worked like clockwork" because of the planning involved.

I cannot comprehend... not only living with the thought that my home is a target but then experiencing the "inevitable" attack and continuing on.

Rosa said it best yesterday: " ...this is... a day to pray for so many... in London, and for those elsewhere, who for some misguided reason do believe they can effect change by killing others."


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